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How to Build a Secure Online Presence

Your email provider is the weak link in all online security Set up two-step authentication on all accounts that provide it Use Diceware to create secure passwords for…

Reading: This Guy Wants To Turn Part Of The Old Bay Bridge Into A House

When the new section of Oakland’s Bay Bridge went up, the historic section of the Northern California icon was slated for the scrapyard. David Grieshaber wants to turn…

Reading: Dogecoin Is Now More Popular Than All Other Cryptocurrencies Combined

Are we on the brink of an explosion in minor cryptocurrencies like this one? A diligent redditor has pointed out that there are more Dogecoin (soft ‘g’) transactions…

Reading: Protección de Datos sanciona a San Sebastián por su videovigilancia

La Agencia repudia el uso de las cámaras instaladas en autobuses municipales from Portada de EL PAÍS redesign

But it’s not clear to me that they’re really game changing improvements. These changes don’t reinvent or expand my notion of what an article is, nor do they…

Collaboration, not competition, is the future of journalism

Photo credit: Richard Masoner via Flickr. Sending a reporter to a crowded press conference used to make sense. Elbowing aside rivals to publish the story first was expected….