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✌ A Conversation with Data Visualization Experts – Features – Source: An OpenNews project

Link: ✌ A Conversation with Data Visualization Experts – Features – Source: An OpenNews project The panelists (Jeremy Sypniewski, courtesy of General Assembly) Working notes on the art…

Pinball pattern visualization

A pinball machine that creates a unique illustration for each game. It’s like it remembers every single movement of the ball. This is one of these kinds of…

Un CEO equivale a 341 redactores

opaco: Mongolia: Informe Cebrián, via faccc

Data visualization of electoral census in Galicia

Galicia is holding its Autonomy elections in October 21st, and the National Statistics Institute has released a small set of data from the electoral census. Working with this…

How many galician voters live abroad?

Choropleth map of the electoral census in Galicia, Spain, showing the percentage of the electoral census living abroad, by council.

Meandering plot visualization in the NYT

datanouveau: The New York Times created a meandering plot on the relationship between road fatalities and miles driven in the United States. The per capita miles…

Newspaper advertising Revenue, 1950-2012

lolacomomola: I’d like to see another graph just with the online revenue, or this one with the online revenue dettached from the print revenue,…

The Handsome Atlas

The Handsome Atlas, an online compilation of statistical atlases of the US in the XIX century.

The first pulsar observed

EIGHTY SUCCESSIVE PERIODS of the first pulsar observed, CP1919 (Cambridge pulsar at 19 hours 19 minutes right ascension), are stacked on top of one another using the…

Prussian choropleth from 1828

cartophile: One of the first choropleth maps, from an 1828 Prussian atlas.