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Análisis de sentimiento de todos los episodios de Stranger Things

These values are generally what you might expect from a show about missing children and interdimensional monsters, with most episodes showing more negative than positive emotion. Más gráficas…

Todas las portadas del New York Times en menos de un minuto

Todas las portadas del New York Times, desde 1852, visualizadas en menos de un minuto. Observad cómo la imagen poco a poco va ganando terreno, y la explosión…

Visualización de datos vintage en Pals

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The State of Information Visualization, 2014

Key areas to watch: Better storytelling Automated infographics to lower entry barriers More complex news graphics Richer online viz culture Emotive visualization The State of Information Visualization, 2014.

Isochrone map of travel time by train from Barcelona

Barcelona – A Coruña (1082 km) Plane: 1h 45m Car: 9h 30m Train: 12h 52m Barcelona – Cologne (1358 km) Plane: 2h 15m Car: 12h 20m Train: 11h…

Interactive data visualization

thumbsupviz: Super basic bar chart (ordered greatest to least), used as part of an internal staff report on highest quarterly revenue by department. With one awesome addition –…

Great book about data visualization

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«Visualization or interactive storytelling enables us to tell the story in ways impossible for straight text reporting»

We’re really moving away from the model in which visualization or interactive storytelling is an afterthought, an illustration of the story, and toward a model in which this…

School dropout rate Vs Unemployment rate

School dropout rate Vs Unemployment rate in Spanish Autonomies. Size of the circle represents population. Blue lines represent rates for Spain as a whole. Click to enlarge.

Guns kill

Visualization of gun-related deaths in the US.