1. 492.000€ expropiados de los bancos.
  2. Dungeon Master.
  3. Los enlaces P2P no son delito (por enésima vez).
  4. La EFF contraataca! Denuncias contra la NSA, Bush y Cheney.
  5. Temporada 1 de The Wire:
  6. The show would instead be about untethered capitalism run amok, about how power and money actually route themselves in a postmodern American city, and, ultimately, about why we as an urban people are no longer able to solve our problems or heal our wounds. Early in the conception of the drama, Ed Burns and I—as well as the late Bob Colesberry, a consummate filmmaker who served as the directorial producer and created the visual template for The Wire—conceived of a show that would, with each season, slice off another piece of the American city, so that by the end of the run, a simulated Baltimore would stand in for urban America, and the fundamental problems of urbanity would be fully addressed.