Mark Mothersbaugh, de Devo, presentando una exposición de sus pinturas.
Me he pasado un buen rato intentando sacar alguna cita que me guste de esta entrevista a Mark Mothersbaugh, pero me ha resultado imposible.

But one thing we learned is that rebellion is obsolete. The punks should have learned from the hippies. Rebellion is obsolete. The hippies just became commodified by big business; they just got sucked in and became hip capitalists. And the same thing happened with the punks—they just turned into a fashion statement and became irrelevant. The only true way of change in this country (…) it’s subversion. And when I first started doing commercials I sued to put subliminal messages in them all, and then it became too easy but every now and then I think I’m going to do a gallery show because I have about 50 commercials that I put subliminal messages in every single one of them.