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Currently reading: Dispatches, by Michael Herr.


shortformblog: israelfacts: Palestinian children return to school for the first time since Israel’s latest attack on Gaza but not all students made…

Wehrmacht or Star Wars?

The Wehrmacht in Ukraine, or the Rebel forces in Hoth? 5sswiking: Soldiers from 1st Ski Division armed with StG 44 in Prypiat,Ukraine February,1944

Chechen refugees, 1999

fotojournalismus:       Chechen refugees living in neighbouring Ingushetia – in train carriers, tent camps, cattle farms. December 11, 1999.   [Credit : Thomas Dworzak]    

I am to blame

That’s pretty much it.

Hovering choppers fire on the tree line

thepoliticalnotebook: Picture of the Day: 18 miles north of Tay Ninh, Vietnam. Close to the Cambodian border. March 1965. Hovering choppers fire on the tree line ahead of advancing…