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As figuras do Entroido en Ourense

Todas as figuras do Entroido en Ourense, recollidas nun mapa.

Ottoman Map of Africa

Ottoman Map of Africa.

Ottoman map of North America

Ottoman map of North America.

What map projections would to your head

What map projections would to your head.

Barcelona, 1900

rinconbizcoplatico: Barcelona 1900 Barcelona para la Exposición Universal de 1888, se dota de importantes infraestructuras que son su orgullo, como el gas ciudad, la electricidad y sobre todo el…

Time changes our perception of distance

Time changes our perception of distance. fuzzyimages.

The Handsome Atlas

The Handsome Atlas, an online compilation of statistical atlases of the US in the XIX century.

Missile range map

sandypoint: The CIA’s Missile Range Map during The Cuban Missile Crisis

Prussian choropleth from 1828

cartophile: One of the first choropleth maps, from an 1828 Prussian atlas.

Chinese map from the XII Century

It’s amazing how precise the map is, with what looks like a coordinates projection grid, specially comparing the map with the kind europeans were making at the time….