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thegiftsoflife: Carp.  Main detail of a hanging scroll; ink and color on silk,  19th century, Kyoto, Japan by artist Yuko. MFA

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

«Anarchists are peaceable, law abiding people»

I am an anarchist. I suppose you came here, the most of you, to see what a real, live anarchist looked like. I suppose some of you expected…

Prussian choropleth from 1828

cartophile: One of the first choropleth maps, from an 1828 Prussian atlas.

American Folk Art Museum. New England, Circa 1820

Love tokens, often mistakenly called valentines, were given in affection on days other than February 14. In this exuberant example, fifteen hearts and six heart-and-hand motifs are applied…