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Reading: Protección de Datos sanciona a San Sebastián por su videovigilancia

La Agencia repudia el uso de las cámaras instaladas en autobuses municipales from Portada de EL PAÍS

Transparency allows democracy to thrive

Theoretically, the structure of our government is supposed to keep us safe from government abuse, but the rise of an enhanced security state after the attacks of Sept….


Sospechar de mí os convierte en sospechosos. Being suspicious of me makes you suspicious. El Roto.

If you are innocent you have everything to worry about

The revelations by the former NSA operative, Edward Snowden (now to be charged with espionage himself), about the massive extent of state snooping on telephone calls and internet…

What Joe Biden said about metadata capture in 2006

I don’t have to listen to your phone calls to know what you’re doing. If I know every single phone call you made, I’m able to determine every…

Record your life

agentff6600: Tiny Drone Camera Hovers Over Your Shoulder And Records Your Life

A drone for an army of one

This is the Black Hornet. Its Norwegian manufacturer, Prox Dynamics, bills it as the world’s smallest military-grade spy drone, with a weight of 16 grams and a length…

Las cámaras estarían en sus despachos

cecilia-lmd: sres. políticos si fuera por nuestra seguridad las cámaras estarían en sus despachos