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Back to Earth

mpdrolet: Trudy Cooper watching her husband, astronaut Gordon Cooper, returning to earth in his Gemini spacecraft Flip Schulke Per aspera ad astra.

Let’s go

Let’s go.

8 Minutes of the Earth’s Rotation

capturedphotos: 8 Minutes of the Earth’s Rotation How I wish our planet’s movement was this apparent while staring at the night sky. It could probably make a lot…

Travel to distant worlds

Illustration by Karl Gilzen from the Russian book, Travel to Distant Worlds, originally published during the late 1950s.


Illustrations by Matthew Lyons.

Neil Armstrong

Astronaut Neil Armstrong on a one-day Gemini VIII mission in March of 1966. Gemini was a stepping-stone project, working toward the upcoming Apollo missions. Via The Big Picture.

Rosette Nebula, 5500 Light-years Away

This Herschel image of the Rosette nebula is about 65 light years across. The red is cooler gas and dust, while the blue is warmer material. The Rosette…