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Barcelona after the Civil War

Great exhibition on post-Civil War Barcelona on the city’s Photographic Archive. In the two pictures, volunteers of the División Azul, who fought in the Eastern Front of World…

Press card for Robert Capa in Barcelona

mpdrolet: Press card for Robert Capa in Barcelona, January 8, 1939 The Robert Capa and Cornell Capa Archive

Marina Ginestà

groovyfuneral: “Sempre m’he preguntat qui era la dona d’aquesta foto maquíssima i avui l’he trobat. Es diu Marina Ginestà i es va fer la foto el 1936, quan…

The story of M Company, from Fort Dix to Vietnam

Recommended reading: The story of M Company, from Fort Dix to Vietnam, Esquire, 1966. endilletante: Gilles Caron, Vietnam.

Edirne, Turkey, 1956

fotojournalismus: A religious inscription to “Allah” outside a mosque of the 16th century in Edirne, Turkey, 1956. [Credit : Ara Güler]

Watts, California, 1966

life: A year after southern California’s catastrophic Watts Riots in August 1965, LIFE magazine revisited the scene of the devastation through remarkable color pictures by photographer Bill Ray….

Una familia en Gaza

kalasniblog: Una familia enciende una hoguera para calentarse en su casa destruida por los ataques israelíes en Gaza. Vía.