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Chicago, 1965

fotojournalismus: Chicago, 1965. [Credit : Danny Lyon]

A quiet mosque

natgeofound: A quiet mosque in Palestine, December 1926.Photograph by Jules Gervais Courtellemont, National Geographic

Highway 1

Remembering California. mpdrolet: Highway 1, 1965 Henry Gilpin

Marina Ginestà

groovyfuneral: “Sempre m’he preguntat qui era la dona d’aquesta foto maquíssima i avui l’he trobat. Es diu Marina Ginestà i es va fer la foto el 1936, quan…

The story of M Company, from Fort Dix to Vietnam

Recommended reading: The story of M Company, from Fort Dix to Vietnam, Esquire, 1966. endilletante: Gilles Caron, Vietnam.

Let’s go

Let’s go.

Dead gas stations

billdaniel: Dead Gas Stations Bill Daniel 2009

Edirne, Turkey, 1956

fotojournalismus: A religious inscription to “Allah” outside a mosque of the 16th century in Edirne, Turkey, 1956. [Credit : Ara Güler]

Hand-crafted hindu scripture

via Freunde von Freunden.

Watts, California, 1966

life: A year after southern California’s catastrophic Watts Riots in August 1965, LIFE magazine revisited the scene of the devastation through remarkable color pictures by photographer Bill Ray….