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What have I learned in 2014?

I can make bread, and now I can make beer. I can survive the upcoming apocalypse. It’s not easy going through life. You have to balance the gym…

Modernist house by Puig i Cadafalch

This house was built by modernist catalan architect Puig i Cadafalch for my great-great-grandmother in 1917. The land where the  house still sits is now part of the…

Tren, Sol, Lola, Valencia, House of Cards.

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What have I learned in 2013?

If I keep my current reading schedule, it will take me 12.5 years to read all the books in my to-read list. Galicia is a lot like California….

Empezando el 2014 con un poco de sol

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Where I come from

Where I come from.

Last Caress

current role models

Ian Mackaye Margaret Kilgallen D. Boon Ann Friedman William Gibson

What have I learned in 2012?

I’m able to deliver lectures on data journalism at two different universities and at the Catalonian Statistics Institute. I’m not very good at following online classes. I’m quite…

Plans for the weekend

Prepare Xixona turrón (nougat) tiramisu. Make some Origami. Plan for the HAZ launch party in Barcelona. Listen to my new Black Sabbath vinyl records. Read some comic books. Go…