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Function is the key

But I don’t sit idly by I’m planning a big surprise I’m gonna fight for what I wanna be And I won’t make the same mistakes (‘cause I…

Major Threat in the New York Times

There’s a DC hardcore and Minor Threat fan working as designer in the New York Times. Via El Portadista.

D. Boon

D. Boon of The Minutemen, Photograph by Bill Daniel, 1983.

Minor Threat setlist

Minor Threat setlist from the Milestone in Charlotte, North Carolina, 3/14/83.

✌ Black Flag’s Damaged Changed Punk, and L.A.

Link: ✌ Black Flag’s Damaged Changed Punk, and L.A. In late summer 1981, Black Flag returned to L.A. from a grueling nationwide tour, only to find their most…

Not a fucking Shelter record

Rites of Spring

suicidewatch: Rites Of Spring

Bad Brains

suicidewatch: Bad Brains

The Minutemen

zombiesenelghetto: The Minutemen at the International Club in Houston, TX, photo by Ben DeSoto 1984 via