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Major Threat in the New York Times

There’s a DC hardcore and Minor Threat fan working as designer in the New York Times. Via El Portadista.

Rocket From The Crypt

lacastanya: El poster de aniversario de La Castanya va tomando forma #RFTC #Biscuit #lacastanya5

Elegant newspaper design

Smart, clean and elegant newspaper design.

Penguin cover grid

Penguin cover grid, as designed by Marber.

Arbeiten aus der Schule für Gestaltung Zürich, poster by Jörg Hamburger

Arbeiten aus der Schule für Gestaltung Zürich (Works from the Zurich School of Design), exhibition poster by Jörg Hamburger.

Projekte für Basel

Poster for the urbanism exhibition Projekte für Basel.

10 Jahre Entwicklungshilfe, poster by Jörg Hamburger

10 Jahre Entwicklungshilfe (10 years of development assistance). Poster by Swiss graphic designer Jörg Hamburger.

Sundays are for lovers

Sundays are for lovers is an exploration in four parts: eat, rest, laugh, love. there is a particular tenor to a sunday… there’s laziness, cooking breakfast, comfy-clothes, time…

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