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Randall Munroe has finally finished Time

Randall Munroe has finally finished Time, his 3,000+ frame slow-motion animation that began life as wordless, enigmatic single-panel XKCD installment.

Birthday presents

Birthday presents!

Six pack!

zombiesenelghetto: Love and Rockets by Jaime Hernández

Robert Crumb

zombiesenelghetto: Robert Crumb in front of his 6,000 78rpm collection

Katsuhiro Otomo

floridafresh: Domu is filled with these oh shit moments when you turn the page to a ridiculous spread. This one in particular really gets me, Otomo…

Filled with disbelief

This panel changed my life, or, at least, my appreciation for comic books, when I was 17. It’s from Adrian Tomine‘s Optic Nerve.

Goliath, by Tom Gauld

Goliath, by Tom Gauld

V de Vendetta

Otomo: Domu

otomblr: DOMU

Frank, Jim Woodring