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Reading: This Guy Wants To Turn Part Of The Old Bay Bridge Into A House

When the new section of Oakland’s Bay Bridge went up, the historic section of the Northern California icon was slated for the scrapyard. David Grieshaber wants to turn…

Highway 1

Highway 1

Remembering California. mpdrolet: Highway 1, 1965 Henry Gilpin

Watts, California, 1966

life: A year after southern California’s catastrophic Watts Riots in August 1965, LIFE magazine revisited the scene of the devastation through remarkable color pictures by photographer Bill Ray….

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

workspaces: Johnny Cash performing for inmates at Folsom Prison in California on January 13, 1968.

Union Station, LA

Union Station, LA.

Even newspapers are stars in LA

Even newspapers are stars in LA.


We slept in an a-frame of the 50s-60s


Rollercoaster in Santa Cruz