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Walter Iooss

Walter Iooss’ basketball photographs from the 60s and 70s.

Sunn Solarus (1969)

Via residuetrail.

New Year’s resolution

Chicago, 1965

fotojournalismus: Chicago, 1965. [Credit : Danny Lyon]

Barcelona, 1962

mpdrolet: Barcelona, 1962 Xavier Miserachs 

Highway 1

Remembering California. mpdrolet: Highway 1, 1965 Henry Gilpin

Watts, California, 1966

life: A year after southern California’s catastrophic Watts Riots in August 1965, LIFE magazine revisited the scene of the devastation through remarkable color pictures by photographer Bill Ray….

Missile range map

sandypoint: The CIA’s Missile Range Map during The Cuban Missile Crisis

March on Washington, 1963

life: On the anniversary of the March on Washington, presents a selection of pictures — most of which never ran in LIFE magazine — commemorating…

Vietnam, Gilles Caron

fotojournalismus: The Vietnam War, door gunner from the 9th Division flying over the Mekong Delta, South Vietnam, December 1967. [Credit : Gilles Caron]