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Newspaper as a canvas

katikrause: Paperart by Canadian artist Myriam Dion, via ignant. Because print is dead etc. 

Katie Scott

Margaret Kilgallen’s trees

eq-ui-nox: Margaret Kilgallen Margaret Kilgallen’s trees

Margaret Kilgallen

thefiftyeight: Margaret Kilgallen

James Turrell

meowmao: James Turrell @ the Guggenheim 

Highway 1

Randall Munroe has finally finished Time

Randall Munroe has finally finished Time, his 3,000+ frame slow-motion animation that began life as wordless, enigmatic single-panel XKCD installment.

Lonely trumpet, 1954

mpdrolet: Lonely trumpet, Colby, Kansas, 1954 George Tames

Chicago, 1965

fotojournalismus: Chicago, 1965. [Credit : Danny Lyon]

A quiet mosque

natgeofound: A quiet mosque in Palestine, December 1926.Photograph by Jules Gervais Courtellemont, National Geographic